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Landing Generator

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Plugin Description

The Landing Generator Plugin allows the creation of a custom login and registration page for each course, featuring:

  • Dedicated URL
  • Add registering users to a specific Org Chart node
  • Enroll users to the course
  • Choose Standard or Advanced registration, to display either the standard registration form or just the fields associated to the selected node
  • Direct login to the course
  • Display course and sponsor logo on the login/registration page
  • Add custom styles to the page

Global Configuration

The plugin requires the Forma API’s to be enabled and fully configured under

Administator > Settings > General Configuration > API & SSO

Check the official forma documentation for details on the API configuration


Plugins features are available inside the standard menu edit form. Go to 

Admin > Elearning > Course

And click to edit your course

Plugin Settings will be available under the tab “course landing”:

Landing Course settings
  • Landing Enabled: activate or deactivate the landing page
  • Landing node form enabled: use custom node fields instead of the standard registration form
  • Landing node ID: insert the id of the node to be used for user registration and field selection (see note below)
  • Unavailable Text: Enter a text to be displayed when the course is closed or unavailable to user
  • Landing css: add a stylesheet class for the landing page
  • Course landing link: URL of the landing page


  1. platform registration must be enabled
  2. to retrieve the node ID go to user management, right click on the “assign users” icon and copy/paste the link url to your notepad. The node id will be the last number in the url, i.e:

Multiple Templates and URL

The landing generator only creates landing pages with the default URL. 

But if you simply change the part of your URL before the /index.php and replace it with the desired, different, URL it will also work with your other templates and URL’s.

[Your Platform URL]/index.php?r=lms/courseaccess/show&courseId=1&nodeId=1&no_redirect

Finally, it’s a good idea to use url shorteners

Landing Page Layout

This is an example of how your login/registration page will look like. 

If you inserted the course logo it will display on the left, and if you inserted the sponsor it will display on the right.

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