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Safety, fire prevention, 231, HACCP: mandatory training has deadlines . If you have many collaborators or you are a consulting firm with many clients, you will have to manage them: it is a very long job and with many risks of human errors or forgetfulness. Automating all of this is definitely better, isn’t it?

Retraining is a plugin for Forma Lms that solves and automates all this, freeing management from much of the manual work.

And it does it directly on your e-learning platform 😉

Features description

  • Set the validity period of the course
  • Automatically check if the validity of a course for each user has expired or is about to expire
  • Reset the user’s status on the course
  • It maintains the certificate history and a tracking report obtained in all previous uses
  • Send a reminder to users XX days before the deadline

General settings

Go to:

Configuration > Plugins > retraining > configuration

The number that appears in the retraining configuration indicates how many days before the expiry of the course the reminder is sent .

Reminder text

The text can be customized in the various languages in this translation key, which you can find in the language manager. Of course everything in square brackets should be left as you find it.

Set the validity period of the course after completion

From the course settings, “Retraining” section, the “Course completion validity time” option indicates after how many days the course “expires”


If you create a report with all the courses that have a deadline and manage to send it to yourself once a month, you always have deadlines under control.

Reset users

If you keep an eye on all the deadlines and create a special report, once a month (for example) you can take care of resetting all those that are due soon. Clearly it is advisable to have consistency between the “days before expiry” (when the reminder is sent ) and the manual “reset” operation.

I suggest that if the email arrives 30 days before, the reset is done 31 days before (just to give an example).

In any case, the reset is done by going to the list of students enrolled in the course you are interested in and resetting either a single person or all those due to expire soon, selecting them all and clicking on

or on

In the certificates button you will find both the previous certificate and the new one that the user will obtain when he takes the course again, so you will have multiple rows for every user in the same course: one for each certificate.

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