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FAQ for Forma LMS will add a new feature to show a list of Frequently Asked Questions to your users.

  • Create unlimited FAQs and Categories
  • User FAQ: users can ask questions, and you can approve them as FAQ.
  • Notifications: automatic notifications to admins when a question is added
  • Show the FAQ module only to selected users

Question Categories

Questions can be organized in categories. Each category can be configured with separate question and answer permissions.

Creating categories

To create a category, go to:

Menu > Manage Questions > Create new category

For each category you can define:

  • Title
  • Answers management: choose if users can answer, or if answers are blocked
  • Users can create questions: choose if users will be able to add new questions in this category

Categories Configuration

You can manage and edit your categories going to:

Menu > Manage Questions > Categories

Here you can:

  1. Edit an existing category
  2. Publish/unpublish a category (Moderate)

Managing Questions

Adding a Question

Questions can be added from:

Menu > Questions Menu > Add a new Questions

This menu item is visible to both users and administrators, however:

  • Questions entered by an administrator will be atuomatically visible
  • Questions entered by a user will be subject to the selected category configuration

Questions Moderation

To moderate questions go to:

Menu > Manage Questions > Moderate Questions

From this page you can:

  1. Filter the questions by their status (Approved, Rejected, Waiting Approval)
  2. View the question
  3. Edit question title and category
  4. Moderate the question :
    • Status: set its status to Approved, Rejected, Waiting Approval
    • Visibility: publish or unpublish the question
    • Delete the question

Managing Answers



A notification is automatically sent for these events / recipients:

  • A user inserted a question [administrators]
  • Someone added an answer [administrators]
  • Your question has been approved [user]
  • Your question has been answered [user]
  • Your answer has been moderated [user]

The text of notification messages can be edited from the standard Forma language management. Please check the official documentation for details

You can dynamically customize a notification text with the following tags:

  • [user]: name of the author of a question or answer
  • [faq]: text of the inserted question
  • [answer]: text of an inserted answer
  • [status]: status of a moderated question or answer

Assign Module view

It is possible to activate/deactivate the whole FAQ area, and assign it only to selected user groups using the default “User Area” management in Forma.

See the official documentation for details.

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