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Plugin Installation

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General procedures for plugin installation, update and removal

Plugin installation

You can install the plugin by uploading the installation zip package from the Forma LMS plugin manager. Log to your Forma installation as super-administrator and browse to:

admin > settings > plugin manager
  1. Select the zip file from your computer and click upload. The plugin will now be listed in the available plugins table.
  2. Click “plugin Install”
  3. Click su “plugin activate”

Plugin removal

To remove the plugin go to settings  > plugin manager and::

  1. Click “Deactivate”
  2. Click “Uninstall”
  3. Click “Plugin Purge”

Plugin Update

To update or reinstall the plugin: 

  1. Follow the uninstall procedure
  2. Go to Settings > System Configuration > Advanced > click “Clear Twig Cache”


Plugin translations can be edited and managed via the standard Forma language manager.

Just search for some word or filter by the selected plugin, and translate as for any other Forma label.

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